Restaurant Tempero


"The Best dinner of our Italian Vacation"

- Francesco Polito, June 2012

The Restaurant Tempero, located in the ancient Etruscan city of Cortona has been open since 2000. Since that time, travelers seeking the best in authentic Tuscan cooking have found their way to this intimate restaurant, which blends excellent food with a comfortable atmosphere.

Known for its warm welcome, the authenticity of its cuisine, the freshness of its locally grown produce, the flexibility of its menus with both vegetarian and gluten-free offerings, as well as its wine, Tempero creates an environment that reminds travelers exactly why they came to Italy.

Setting Tempero apart from the many quality restaurants in the Cortona region is its friendly service, the variety of its menu, and the ability to dine indoors in an air-conditioned setting, or outdoors in a charming courtyard, which sits in the shadow of an Etruscan fountain.

And for travelers who yearn for the exotic, there are treats from South America including wines, a hot antipasti, and the Brazilian tradition of grilling that is Churrasco.

Warm, welcoming, fresh, traditional Tuscan cooking that creates an unforgettable dining experience. Welcome to Restaurant Tempero.

Our Location

Ristaurante Tempero
Via Benedetti, 10 to 12
52044 Cortona (AR)

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Churrasco: Something Unique in Cortona




People the world over love to eat savory, well-prepared meat. Brazilian Churrasco consists of the wonderful flavors of pork, chicken, beef and even boar, grilled over a wood flame and delivered straight to your table on skewers.

Served with sauces and other accompaniments, Tempero uses only the finest cuts of meat and brings this exotic delicacy to Cortona. Save room for a second course. Save room for Tempero’s Churrasco.

Fine Wines

Ristorante Tempero has an excellent selection of regional Tuscan wines including Chiantis, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile de Montepulciano and the white Vernaccia di San Gimignano, to name just a few.

Tuscany is also known for the dessert wine Vin Santo and Tempero offers a dessert of this luscious wine with biscotti.

In addition, the restaurant has a small but fine sample of Brazilian wines.


Our Commitment to Service




Restaurateur Mara Machado brings more than twenty-five years experience in serving international travelers to her restaurant, Tempero. She greets her guests as old friends, offering an exquisite dining experience in a warm companionable environment.

Chef Alessandro is committed to providing the finest, freshest, organic food available. For this reason he selects his own olive oil from local growers, makes his own limoncello, and provides unique wine blends to the discerning customers of Tempero.

Chef Alessandro lets his food speak for him and he is committed to providing the finest, freshest, organic food available. For this reason he selects his own olive oil from local growers, makes his own limoncello, and provides unique wine blends to the discerning customers of Tempero.


Stories from the Tuscan Sun

Cortona - A Classic Hill Town

Cortona is a beautiful Tuscan hill town, situated high above the plains. One of the original twelve Etruscan cities, Cortona lies in the heart of what was once the Etruscan civilization. In recent years Cortona has become popular thanks to the book by Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun. That book, and the movie by the same name  with Diane Lane,  tells the story of an American writer who moves to Tuscany and falls in love with the Cortona and its people.  Visitors to Cortona can take a pleasant walk around the town from the Medici fort at the top of the hill, to the town square and even a walk past Bramasole, the house Frances Mays bought and renovated.   

No Dances in the Fountain

For those who loved the film Under the Tuscan Sun, don’t come to Cortona expecting to dance in the fountain where the character from the film, Christina, once danced. Why? There is no fountain in the heart of Cortona and its presence in the film was a cinematic device. In fact, if you are looking for a fountain, the closest one to the heart of the town overlooks the courtyard of Tempero. No longer working, the ancient fountain rises above the square, bringing with it images of generations of Etruscans, Romans and Italians who gathered there to fill their water jugs.

Legend Has It

Legend has it that 108 years after the Great Flood, Noah, navigating from the mouth of the Tiber River and crossing the Paglia, entered the Chiana Valley. He liked it here more than any other in Italy because it was very fertile land, and stayed to live here for 30 years. Crano, his son, wandered to the hilltop upon which Cortona now sits, and liked both the view and quiet. So it was that in the 273rd year after the Great Flood, Cortona was founded.

The view from Cortona

Visitors to Cortona can stand in Piazza Garibaldi and look over the Tuscan plains. In the distance the town of Ossia and Lake Tresamino are clearly defined. As you look over the beautiful scenery you are looking at the location of one of the Roman army’s greatest defeats. There, in 217 BC, Hannibal met the Roman Legions and in one of the most famous and successful ambushes of all time, defeated them. The battle was so decisive that the very name Ossaia, means “Place of Bones.”

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